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  Welcome to the Miracle Café with Emmanuel Dagher!


   Join me Tuesdays bi-weekly @7pm Pacific/10pm EST

The Miracle Café is a radio show that provides each listener with cutting edge insights and conversations that serve to uplift & transform their lives in a fun and exciting way! Whether it's in areas of health & wholeness to personal growth and more, together we will cover it all.

Our featured segments include "Transformational Healing", "Hot Topics Round Table" where we connect with amazing guests who share their perspectives on different personal & evolutionary subjects, "Gratitude", and "Ask Emmanuel."  

Tune in LIVE every other Tuesday on on station 1.   


All archives of the show are absolutely FREE!

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Stay tuned for a brand new season coming this Fall!

Meanwhile, all show archives are FREE & you can listen to them & begin experiencing some knock-your-socks off transformation right now!























Disclaimer: The Energy healing & coaching work provided on the show is not a substitute for medical treatments or your health care provider. Energy healing can be used safely with any medication, and is not meant to replace it.